COVID-19 & The Church

Helping Pastors in a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic presents every church leader with unprecedented challenges. But even though our ministries may have changed, God’s Word hasn’t. The Bible still guides us as we move through the challenge of pastoring during a pandemic. Lord willing, this site will be updated regularly. It will host conversations, FAQs, articles, podcasts, and other resources—from both 9Marks and around the web. Our goal is simple: to help churches during the COVID-19 crisis.

Other Resources

Our partners’ COVID-19 resources pages:

Pastoring in a Pandemic QuickTakes Title
  • Andy Winn
  • Bobby Scott
  • Bobby Scott
  • Jonathan Leeman
  • Mark Vroegop
  • Dealing with the Fallout in Your Church’s Finances with Andy Winn

    Andy Winn considers how to shepherd your church through the financial difficulties precipitated by the Covid19 crisis.

  • Don’t Lose Sight of Your Calling: Staying Committed to the Ministry of the Word and Prayer with Bobby Scott

    Bobby Scott discusses how pastors can stay committed to the essential aspects of pastoral ministry even in the midst of crisis.

  • Shepherding Lessons Learned in Quarantine with Bob Johnson

    Bob Johnson discusses lessons learned about shepherding his flock during the Covid19 pandemic.

  • Keeping our Polity Straight in a Pandemic with Jonathan Leeman

    Jonathan Leeman considers the challenges the coronavirus poses to church polity and how pastors can maintain biblical fidelity in the midst of the pandemic.

  • Serving Your Neighbors, Sharing the Gospel: Keeping the Great Commission Central with Mark Vroegop

    Mark Vroegop discusses how churches can share the gospel during the coronavirus pandemic.

Audio & Video Resources

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